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Sebastians Journey

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Sebastians Journey

2nd Day After Surgery

August 11th, 2018 · 11 Comments · Uncategorized

I didn’t sleep good last night but I was super happy that Sebastian slept well and did not have any accidents. The alarm sounded early so that we could ensure he got his pain medicine at the right time.  When we got up and got thing together to give to him he didn’t even lift his head. I wrapped his pill in a little cheese so that he would take it easily. He only has the one pill (Rimadyl) and has to take it 2 times a day. He also has a Fentanyl patch that he will wear for about fours days and then we will add another pill (Gabapentin) when that is removed. Even with the cheese he didn’t want to take it. He just licked it so I had to open his mouth and place it in there to get him to take it. I laid back down to see if I could get a little more sleep. When we got up I let the other dogs out and fed them. Sebastian had food and water already in his area but he didn’t seem to have a interest in it.

We open the doors and tried to get him to go outside. He just laid there staring at us. He during his time before amputation was not a morning person and had to be made to get up. We both decided to just let him be and go on about the morning.  Hopefully he would let us know when he was ready. It was a couple of hours later that he stood up and we asked if he need to go out and he headed for the door. This time I was home to see it. He did so good getting around. I was gitty with excitement. He was still very wobbly and if we got to close to him he would stop and not go. He wanted to be left alone. I backed off from him and in the back he went and he peed. I was so excited. He made his way back to the house and to the bed he went. Bless his heart he was so wore out but he did it. HE DID IT!!!

(Watch and comment on Youtube.)

He still had no interest in food so my husband made him some chicken. He seemed hesitant to eat it and was slow but he did finish it all. While he laid there I iced his incision. We were told that we needed to do that 3-4 times a day. After that was complete he slept for a long while. We went about the rest of the morning and it was close to the afternoon. Then out of know where he jumped up like he needed to go out again. This time he made it out and went number 1 and 2. We were both so excited and he got lots of loven and praise.

Morning of day 2 post surgery

Sebastian taking a quick rest after walking around.



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  • Kathryn Freeman Vita

    Thanks so much for writing this. This is our dogs 2nd day after having his right front leg removed for bone cancer. Our experience is identical so far. He has gone out three times to pee but because we have steps and uneven ground we are supporting him with a sling. I think he needs a little more space to do #2. I will try taking the sling off for a few minutes and step away. Keep in touch! 🙂

    • sja81

      Hello Kathryn,
      Sebastian didnt really even want to move when we were trying to help him. He would just sit down. Even when we would walk beside him he hesitated. Once we gave him some space that is when he ended up doing much better and went #1 and just not to long ago #2.

      • Kathryn Freeman Vita

        Hi again. Rembrandt just managed to get to the porch! But how is Sebastian managed steps? Are you helping him? Thanks!!

        • sja81

          Hello! I am so Happy to hear that Rembrandt is getting around!! Every step should be celebrated 🙂 Sebastian has been doing pretty good now with the steps. I am still right beside him just in case because he is still hesitant. He doesn’t like when we help him. When we try he just stops. The way we are using he only has to go down two steps. We haven’t tried the front because there are more steps and we are very nervous to have him try until he is more confident with the two.

  • Kathryn Freeman Vita

    I don’t know if my longer comment posted. But want you to know this is our dogs second day out from surgery too.

  • Kathryn Freeman Vita

    I don’t know if my longer comment posted. But want you to know this is our dogs second day out from surgery too. Very similar experience

  • leelau11

    Poppy will be four weeks post surgery this Tuesday coming I didn’t sleep well post surgery for the first week and took to sleeping downstairs with her she’s only a little dog so was very clingy and just wanted constant affection and reassurance. Every dog is different but what I can tell you week 2 gets a whole lot easier once they’ve found their balance they start becoming their normal self properly too quickly which can be worrying as you have to try and prevent over excitement and jumping whilst the stitches are in.

  • dobemom

    so far so good! yay Sebastian! Don’t be surprised if he “crashes” a little in the next few days, especially after the patch comes off. Will he have a different pain med after that? Besides Gabapentin? Most dogs get Tramadol in addition to Gaba. Keep up the good work!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    • sja81

      Hello! He is currently taken Rimadyl and will continue to take that after the patch is removed and that is when we give him the Gabapentin to take as well. Should I ask about Tramadol?

  • tlahaye

    I’m with Paula, and hope there’s some Tramadol in his meds mix. The nice thing with Tramadol is that you can taper it off after the first week. As someone else posted, if the pain breaks through the drugs, it can be hard to get back under control.

    Regardless, Sebastian is clearly in good hands and it sounds like he’s doing great.

  • admin

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